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Guest Post: What Are They and What are They For in SEO Strategy?


If you are wondering what the guest posts are, you may have heard of link building and how important it is to implement a strategy that is able to increase traffic to a particular web page.

Generally, guest posts and link building are the fundamental elements of SEO off-site strategy, which aimed at positioning a website on search engines such as writing and publishing guest posts as part of a process that allows getting inbound links to the customer site (or to your own).

After the analysis and definition of the keywords that are the most searched by users in the industry or the most effective to attract the potential customer, these will be included in articles written and then published on portals that deal with related topics.

The Placement Strategy for Posts

The first step is to define a publication plan, determining how many publish, how often and for what period is the continuity of the activity. As you progress, the positioning of various keywords related to the web pages should be verified. Changes can be made during construction, organizing more off-site sessions, focusing on new keywords or leaving time to the links inserted in the various guest posts published to increase incoming traffic. In order for the mechanism to work effectively, it is ideal to make sure that the keyword is the anchor text of the inserted link.

How to Choose Sites to do Link Building?

The second step is when planning an SEO off-site, the choice of sites that will host your guest posts, must both in terms of consistency with the topics covered and of metrics: developed by, the Domain Authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA) measure the authority of a domain.

To simplify, the DA is obtained, thanks to the algorithm of Google that reveals to us the probability of a page, when inserted via link on the examined domain will be able to position itself well on search engines. The measurement scale goes from 0 to 100 and higher will be the score, the more it will be convenient for us to publish guest posts on that site. The PA is closely linked to the DA, which also has a measurement scale ranging from 0 to 100 and evaluates the authority of a single page of the site in question and not the site as a whole. There are also other values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be used to evaluate and choose one site from another, such as the quality of external backlinks or the amount of keys placed. Also, to start to position is enough to know how to interpret the DA and the PA.

How Do I Write a Guest Post?

The third step is writing the article, which is generally entrusted to a copywriter. He will first have to choose a title consistent with the content, (which ideally, already contains the defined keyword) and the text should have a length appropriate to the subject matter.


The article should be interesting and therefore, able to stimulate the interest of the reader and obviously, should not contain spelling errors. It is then up to the ability of the copywriter to choose how to develop the topics and make them attractive, with the aim of producing quality content and is able to assist the SEO in its positioning strategy.

Is a Link Forever?

Finally, the last step, which does not end once but which has a repeated frequency, is to check that the articles published are always accessible and the links are active. It is a very important activity that makes it impossible to void all the work done previously.

Ultimately, investing time and money in a good off-site SEO can be the right choice because it has no expiration and potentially can produce results indefinitely.

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