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How To Increase The Traffic Of A Website

The lack of traffic to your website is a very common problem for many businesses. This is born from a lack of digital strategy that includes activities that lead Internet users to the website of your business. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, some with faster results than others. The combination of these activities in a way that suits the particular needs of the business and your website will lead to increased traffic. We can group these into 4 main activities to start directing traffic in your direction.

These are:

Pay Per Click

Paid campaigns are an important source of traffic. Both in search engines and social networks, these campaigns have pros and cons. Undoubtedly, they guarantee a significant flow of traffic (although it depends on the budget invested), but it does not have a long-term effect, because when you stop having the campaigns, the flow stops. Taking into account the above, it is worth noting that it can be part of a comprehensive strategy that combines short and long-term actions to build healthy traffic according to the objectives set for the particular business.

Social Networks

Building an audience on social networks also requires an investment of time and resources, but it has positive effects by increasing the traffic of a website. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat and others, are an effective way to quickly scale your base of prospects as it allows you to interact directly with your audience, generate “engagement” with your brand, and ultimately build a long-term relationship that is a significant source of constant traffic to a website.


Maybe you have not heard it yet but having a blog is an essential tactic of any digital marketing strategy. A blog is a source of knowledge for your readers and a source of traffic for you. But it is much more than just this: a blog is a long-term tool to strengthen your website since each publication is a page more than search engines index, a blog accompanies your social media strategy and helps establish credibility and authority towards your target audience.

Likewise, in the framework of a campaign, a blog helps convert that traffic into prospects or leads by having calls to action that embark the visitor in the process that passes from reader to share information to obtain their content offer and become leaflet. This and many other actions such as having invited bloggers, issuing communications, and become a benchmark for trends in your industry; They can be part of your blog, and are undoubtedly keys to increase the traffic of a website.


Search engine optimization is a crucial element in a traffic strategy of any website. It is not a question of quick solutions to position yourself with a few pages, but rather SEO is aimed at a strategy that pays off in the long term but with sustainable actions and better practices that will make your website have better “ranking” in time. This includes URL structure, optimize loading times and navigation, create relevant content and continuously, among many other actions.

Competitions and promotions

The contests are powerful because, of course, they disseminate themselves: users like to share these opportunities and it is a good way to get visibility quickly. It can even have a long-term benefit if users who participate in the contest end up following your brand on social networks for example. The key is to find the right contest, one that is original, valuable and interesting for the objective audience and whose investment in the prize is proportional to what is expected to be obtained from it.

When it comes to the traffic potential of different strategies, usually content marketing (blogs and social networks) and SEO offer the highest return on investment. Naturally, these lend themselves to perform over time and have virtually no risk, as long as they are executed correctly as they remain and build on them. However, there is a great disadvantage to these strategies: they take time to get going and start having a return on investment. This is why, as stated above, there are options such as paid advertising to start directing traffic in your direction and obtain short-term results.

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