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How to Make Link Building Without Causing Damage


Every SEO expert knows that in order to achieve good placements, the work within a site is not enough. Once the onsite optimization is complete, the acquisition of strategic backlinks that point to your site is a fundamental activity. However, backlink acquisition must be supported by a well-defined general strategy, bearing in mind your goal.

What are the elements to be considered in a link building strategy?

Let’s try to indicate some best practices for link building, which we summarize in 5 key points:

Choose Quality Portals

On the web, there are numerous portals, blogs, and directories that host articles, almost always paid. The suggestion is to turn to professionals who offer good quality portals and who only accept items with original and not over-optimized content.

Which Values to Analyze?

The quality of a portal for the purposes of a link building strategy is mainly evaluated by the following parameters:

  • DA (domain authority by Moz):

A metric of Moz between 1 and 100, which is based on the evaluation of internal and external links, for estimating the “authoritativeness,” that is the quality of a domain in terms of the ability to position itself in the SERP.

  • PA (page authority by Moz):

A variant of the DA, which does the same thing at the level of a specific page.

  • CF (citation flow by Majestic): A score between 0 to 100, which helps measure the value of a link inserted in a site, on the basis of how many links, in turn, receives that site.
  • TF (trust flow by Majestic): Strictly connected to the CF is a score between 0 and 100 that measures the reliability of a link inserted in a site, based on the quality of the links that in turn receives that site.

Note: It is quite difficult to estimate good and absolute values of these parameters, as it depends on the comparison between the reference sites. As an indication, we can define good values of minimum values DA 20, PA 30, CF and TF 20.

Original Copy

The text of an article is essential for an off-site strategy. The suggestion is to rely on a copy professional and avoid the “do it yourself” unless the writing is not dowried worthy of praise. It should be original texts, well written and without spelling errors.

A Site, A Link

Simple but effective, do not use a portal to link the same site several times.

Some suggestions: Better avoid placing the link immediately at the beginning of the text; the anchor text must have maximum consistency with the landing page (URL and content), so avoid linking random keywords.

Continuous Analysis

For a change, let’s finish with my favorite word: Analysis

Keep track of the inserted backlinks with annotation of the date and the portal. Periodically evaluate if they are always active.

Monitor the impact of new placement links and make corrections if needed.


Building a link strategy for a site is a very delicate activity. Not to be too catastrophic, but we can safely say that a link changes your life (in the sense that it can also destroy the site), so the final suggestion is: analyze before, during and after, proceeding one step at a time.

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